Error deleting IP address from Host Record using CSV import

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I'm trying to delete an address out of a Host object that has multiple IPv4 addresses associated with it.  In the Infoblox GUI, I would Edit the Host record, select the IP address out of the list of IPv4 Addresses, and click the Delete button.  But I'm having trouble performing the same action via a CSV import.


Here's my 'custom' format CSV file:





However, when I import this file I get back the following error:



"""Line 2: Delete operation is not permitted for this object""",hostaddress,D,,,default



I tried using a 'hostrecord' (instead of 'hostaddress') with the IP address I wanted to delete, but it deleted the entire host record (i.e., and all of the associated IP addresses), not just the specified IP address.


I also changed the format from 'Custom' (which allows the use of the import-action column) to a format without that column, then choosing the 'Delete' action when importing the CSV, but I got the same error.


Any suggestions?



Background:  We're moving hosts from one building to another so I'm assigning an additional IP address to those hosts in the new building so when the machine is moved to the new office and plugged into the network it will immediately pick up its new address.  Adding an additional IP address to an existing host object works fine using:





Adding the additional addresses to a host record via CSV imports works just fine.  I just can't delete an address out of a host record. 




P.S.  For simplicity of this posting, I'm leaving out the fact that we're also configuring these machines for DHCP.  However, for testing, I'm not using any mac_addresses and I'm getting the same error when I attempt to delete.


Re: Error deleting IP address from Host Record using CSV import

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Hello There,


This is a limitation which was introduced from NIOS versions 7.3.9 & 8.0.0 – above. This was introduced as a fix for NIOS-59082 reported in older NIOS versions. So technically, the error which you see during the delete operation is as per the current product design. As you are able 'add' the additional IP addresses to the existing hosts, I believe the migration doesn’t have a problem since those hosts would pickup the newly added IP address from the new network as soon as they sends a request. Right ?


Now the question is how would you be able to get rid of the existing ‘old’ IP addresses assigned for them, right ? How big are these changes that you are looking for, in terms of number ?


Best regards,

Mohammed Alman.

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