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Fixed addr or host for IPAM/DHCP only

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We recently rolled out an Infoblox DDI deployment, but without the DNS component/licensing (so DHCP and IPAM only). When we imported configs from our legacy Microsoft DHCP environment, reservations were imported as either fixed addresses or reservations, based on if the MAC address in the original reservation was valid (fixed addr) or invalid (reservation). As we're going thorugh the learning process for this new platform, I'm wondering if there is any advantage to creating objects as Hosts, instead of Fixed Addresses or Reservations, since we're not using the DNS component. Any thoughts or suggestions on if we should use be using Host objects instead?


Re: Fixed addr or host for IPAM/DHCP only

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Hello ,



When you save an IP address as a reservation in Infoblox DHCP, its MAC address is auto-created as 00:00:00:00:00:00, so that it may not be offered to any clients. A Fixed address in Infoblox however does similar job as a reservation on Microsoft. Unlike a Microsoft Reservation, Reservation in Infoblox means an IP or Range (scope) which is reserved for future use. You can create a fixed address by tying it to a specific clients MAC address, DHCP Client Identifier (option 61) or relay agent info such as Circuit ID or Remote ID.



Host Records allow the ability to manage what could be a separate Fixed Address, A, PTR and CNAME record, among other options. When adding a Host Record, an A and PTR record will automatically be generated if the corresponding forward and reverse mapping zones exist. This usually helps simplify administration and also reduces the amount of records added in a database. If only an A or a PTR is required but not both, then the Host Record object type should not be used.



Refer the NIOS Administrators Guide for more information regarding Host Records, This can be found in the "About IP Address Management" and "About Host Records" sections.



Best regards,

Mohammed Alman.

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