Forward zone returning SERVFAIL..

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New Forward zone configured and when querying the NIOS member which returns a SERVFAIL.  If I query the forwarder directly it works.  Zone is setup to use forwarders only, IP connectivity is there.  


I ran a traffic capture from NIOS and I see 4 packets when I query the NIOS member:


1. Standard query from client to NIOS member

2. NIOS standard query to forwarder

3. Standard query respone from forwarder to NIOS showing correct results

4. Standard query response from NIOS to client returning SERVFAIL and in the response int the packet I see    =Answer authenticated: Answer/Authority portion was not authenticated by the server

 =Non-Authenticated data: Unacceptable

 =Reply code: Server failure


Why would that be?

Re: Forward zone returning SERVFAIL..

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Taking a guess here...but given there are messages about authentication, did you enable DNSSEC validation?  There could be some mixup with the settings.

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