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Get all subnets without providing subnet address

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Hi All,

 I am trying to get all subnets via infoblox api,  While it need to provide the subnets' address. For example

POST /wapi/v1.2/network?network=

So I need to create a cofig file and put all the network address ( in it and get all the subnets. But when server have update the network set,for example, add a network address, I need to update my config file also, this is wired. cause I may do not know which network address has been added.

1, Is there a way to get all subnets without provide the subnet address?

2, if question 1 is not easy to solve, Is there a smart way to know which subnet has been added automatically via api?


Getting lists of IPv4 or IPv6 subnets

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You can get a list of all IPv4 subnets using a URL like


You can get a list of all IPv6 subnets using a URL like


For example, a Curl command like the following will return a list of all IPv4 subnets displayed in XML format:

curl --tlsv1 --insecure --user 'admin:infoblox' 'https://gm.example.com/wapi/v2.1/network?_return_type=xml'

(If you'd like the list nicely formatted use _return_type=xml-pretty instead of _return_type=xml.) I have not tried this myself, but I believe that you can take the output from the above command and import it directly into Microsoft Excel for Windows.

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