Grid master Candidate reboots nightly

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My Grid Master Candidate (v7.3) appears to reboot nightly at/around 1:30am.  I cannot find anything that documents this, and I can't find anything in current log, as it started at 6:30am.  Not sure how to access previous logs, either.


This could behavior could coincide with upgrade from 6.10.6 to 7.3.4, as I don't have indications of this happening previously.


Any assistance would be appreciated.

Re: Grid master Candidate reboots nightly

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Your best bet is to work with support if you think this is happening.  To do some initial investigation yourself, though, you can do into the CLI on the appliance and use the "show log" command to view the current log and previous logs.  You can also download a support bundle and extract files that way as well.


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