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I am planning on changing the host name of one of our grid members.  The IP address will not change, just the host name.  I'm wondering if all NIOS references to the old name will automatically be updated with the new name once the change is made.  All of our grid members are "hidden" so the actual grid member names do not show up in the dns records for a zone.  However, the host name does show up in the Name Server Groups.   Will I have to manually edit all of our Name Server Groups?





Re: Grid member name

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All of the “glue” records that are automatically created will be updated but not those that you’ve created. The “stealth” flag only applies for other DNS servers which are not forwarding and are not authoritative for the zone (clients don’t really care).

For the NSGs, yes, the name will update accordingly.

Re: Grid member name

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Would there be a downtime to infoblox if hostname of the members are changed?

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