Help for Upgrade Path from 6.2.2 to 8.1.1

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Hello team,


i am pretty new to infoblox and trying to solve some puzzle for my self.


Currently i have pair of IB-1552-A in Grid configuration at same place and one IB-1552-A  as secondary remote location. All currently running 6.2.6-146293. All we use for only IPAM ; no other services running.


I am looking for above version to upgrade to virtual box with  NIOS 8.1.1-353399. 


I know there are some limitation with 1552 and can not upgrade after certain version.


Can someone help me with what upgrade path should i choose and how i convert it to virtual.



appreciate your responses



Re: Help for Upgrade Path from 6.2.2 to 8.1.1

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IB-1552-A or any other -A appliance for that matter does not support NIOS version 7.x or later. The max they can accept is NIOS 6.12.x.

Having said that, since 6.2.x is quite old, there is no direct upgrade path from your version to the latest 6.12.x.

I would suggest planning on an upgrade to NIOS version 6.8.13 and from there to 6.12.28 - which is the latest 6.12.x release.


While doing the research for your upgrade, I would recommend going over the different things and docs mention in the below knowledgebase article.
#5021: When upgrading, how do I find what NIOS version to upgrade to?


Regarding your question on "converting to virtual" - Are you talking about replacing these hardware with VMs?
Depending on what all you are doing on the grid with the existing hardware platform, this could either be a simple or a tedious task. If IPAM only, then this should be fairly easy. You cannnot make HA pairs and then revert them back to standalone for this replacement because HA pairs can only be made out of 2 hardwares or 2 virtuals.


I would recommend going through the below articles, which covers almost all appliance swap scenarios.
#2896: NIOS hardware replacement/swaps for HA and grid configurations
#4718: vNIOS replacement/swaps for HA and grid configurations

Best Regards,
Bibin Thomas

Re: Help for Upgrade Path from 6.2.2 to 8.1.1

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I wrote an article about this some time ago, have a look here:



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