How do I find free subnets?

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Is there a way to search for available network space inside of a large container?  As an example, if I have allocated a container at and I want to find the next available unused /27 space how would I go about doing that?  VitalQIP makes finding the next available subnet very easy by using the "Add Subnet" function, but I am unfamiliar with how to do that in Infoblox.


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Re: How do I find free subnets?

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Yes, you can automaticaly find a free subnet under a network parent container and create it directly.


1°) Go to your container

2°) Click add ipv4 network

3°) in the setp 2, select:

The netmask for the subnet network you want create (here /27)

Click on the "Next available" button (cf the red circle on the screenshot below)

Select the subnet parent where you want find and create your next available subnet

Click "add next" button

4°) Click Save&Close




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