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How to add secondary subnet to the DHCP scope

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I have created the DHCP scope for my VLAN 80.  Now we are running out of IPs and planning to add secondary subnet. Initial idea to create VLAN 180 and combine it with the VLAN 80 DHCP scope. Means if VLAN 80 gets full, it will automatically jump to VLAN 180 and get new IP.


I am not sure creating new VLAN is the good idea? or I can just create the secondary subnet and how?


Please answer.



Jay Patel


Re: How to add secondary subnet to the DHCP scope

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Create your second subnet as normal the in the DHCP area, click on the Vlans tab and define a new vlan.  Once you have the vlan created, you can then add the current subnet and the new subnet to the vlan.


Defining both subnets in a vlan is how the Infoblox knows the two subnets are available for DHCP requests forwarded from the router / DHCP helper.


I don't know how the Infoblox will assign addresses howeverfrom the two subnets or if there is a way to indicate that one is preferred and should be exhaused before "jumping" to the next.



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