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How to configure SNMP Polling on Infoblox for solarwinds?

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Hello Folks,

Newbie here! I'm trying to configure SNMP Polling on infoblox for solarwinds to do the polling. I found where i can configure the SNMP trap & receiver configuration but couldn't find SNMP polling configs. Looking for some direction here. Any help is appreciated. Thanks





Re: How to configure SNMP Polling on Infoblox for solarwinds?

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This would depend on which SNMP version you are planning to use.


If you are planning to use SNMPv2 (v2c), Navigate to Grid > Grid Manager > Members. Edit the member. In the member properties dialog box, go to SNMP. There you can enable SNMP and configure a community string. 

Configure the same community string on Solarwinds and Infoblox will accept SNMP requests from Solarwinds.


If you are planning to use SNMPv3, Go to Administration > SNMPv3 Users.


Here you can configure an SNMPv3 user with a username, authentication protocol, authentication password, encryption protocol and encryption password.


Then as in SNMPv2, edit the member from Grid Manager > Members. In the member properties dialog box, click on SNMP and enable SNMPv3 and select the user you have created.


Configure the same user on Solarwinds.


For getting OIDs to poll and to transelate traps to human readable format, download MIBs from Infoblox. You can download SNMP MIBs from Grid > Grid Manager. Click on Download from the toolbar on the right and click on SNMP MIBs.


Upload the MIBs to Solarwinds.


If any clarification is required on the Solarwinds side, please refer http://www.solarwinds.com/documentation/





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