How to set automatic discover for network insight?

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we have an issue about automatic discover for network insight.We already set the polling for all network every 1 hour.

we already set the polling every 1 hourwe already set the polling every 1 hour

and we found that the ip addresses doesn't update untill we click discover now.

network for discovery_1.jpg


so is there any configuration that we missed for automatic discover?

Thank you


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Re: How to set automatic discover for network insight?

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Hello Rio,


Those snips which you've included didn't come up very well, as i can't review what it is. So i apologize in case if i am asking you something that you've included in those snippets. Have you enabled discovery on networks which you would like to be discovered by the network insight appliance ?




I’m not a great network insight savvy. But to the best of my knowledge, apart from discovery blackout(which is to disable discovery process during a specific interval), there is no specific configuration that you could do in order to make the network insight appliance to perform discovery tasks during a particular point of time. Could you please check this video & confirm if you’re missing something in terms of configuration ?


Best regards,

Mohammed Alman.

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