I cannot see the DNS tab

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Hi there,


I am a new user of Infoblox appliances, so I want to have some practice, I recently requested for a demo I downloaded it and followed the steps in this quick start guide


I got the following problems


1.-I cannot see the loading a demo data set referred in the step 10.

2.-I cannot see the DNS tab under the data management tab.




Jesus Garcia.

Re: I cannot see the DNS tab

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Hi Jesus,


You should be able to get the setup wizard to load the demo dataset from Grid Tab>> Grid Manager (or System tab) click on setup wizard in the toolbar on the right.


The DNS tab not being visible is usually because of either of two things.


1) Insufficient permissions

2) DNS license not persent


The license not being present is more likely in this case. You can check this by using the command "show license" from the CLI of the appliance. You can set a 60 day temporary license using the command "set temp_license".





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