IP Address Allocation with MAC-Filter

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The Situation:


We have 3 DHCP-Ranges in Network (No Filter) (MAC-Filter with Grant Lease action) (No Filter)


In the existing MAC-Filter there are some clients for admins, which must be get an IP-Address from the second range. Until now that has been worked for some years. Now we have just added a new MAC-Address in this Filter. The Problem is, this client gets not an IP-Address from the second range (Leases are available).


I know, the IP Address Allocation is from the highest range (IP) to the lowest range (IP). As i understand, ranges with filters have priority over unfiltered ranges. Is that true? I can also add a filter with "deny lease" to the other ranges, so the client gets the correct IP from second range. But in the past, that was not necessary.


NIOS 6.12.14


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Re: IP Address Allocation with MAC-Filter

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Here are a couple of suggestions that may help you:


1. When you are viewing the list of DHCP ranges there is an option under the Toolbar to 'Order DHCP Ranges'. You can use this to give priority to your Range with the filter to ensure it receives precedence. 


2. As you suggested, apply "deny" filters to the other ranges to ensure addresses are not handed out from here to your specific clients

Steve S.
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