IP Registration against users and port numbers

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Hi all,


W have a requirement to provide an IP Registration system that integrates with our new Infoblox grid. There is one element from the requirements that the Infoblox IPAM doesn't seem to address out of the box.


We are required to register against a point number on a wall. When the point number is entered then the registration system should be able to perform a lookup against a port database, work out which subnet that port serves up and then assign the next available IP in that subnet.


Has anyone ever tried to implement something similar? I understand that this come over as a very antiquated way of doing things however we seem to be stuck with it for the time being.




Re: IP Registration against users and port numbers

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You could achieve this with extensible attributes (define point/port to subnet or shared network), and some WAPI calls to query, and request next available IP.

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