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IP conflict after setup DHCP.

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Hi All,

It would be very helpful if the Infoblox community will shed some light on this issue I'm facing. I have configure DHCP for client. The client used to have static IP's for their entire floors, hence when after setting up DHCP and IP Scan I discovered that there are actually 5 IP conflicts on the dashboard (Which is okay) but when I proceed to the IP MAP, it shows there are more than 5 IP conflicts. (As shown below)

P/S: I hope there is someone here in the community that could advice me on this. I'm sorry for the long post.




Reply from Support

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Thank you for contacting Infoblox support. IPAM shows conflicts when it receives conflicting data from different sources like IPAM discovery and NetMRI sync.


In your case you ran a Discovery within the NIOS IPAM. While you ran the discovery, the IPs which are showing as conflicts may not be matching the configuration on your server. For example, there might be a fixed address with a MAC address and after the discovery the MAC Address got is in conflict with the configured value. This could lead to a IP conflict.


NIOS cannot automatically clear conflicts because it does not know how. All it sees is that discovered data conflicts with what has been configured by admins.


Instead, an administrator must manually intervene to resolve the conflict.


Re: Reply from Support

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Is there an easy way to find conflicts?


I manage just under 1k networks. I set up a perl script to ICMP scan 40 a night. I see conflicts on my status dashboard, but can't click on them and have no clue where they are.



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