IPAM / DHCP Informational Tab requirements

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What I am asking, is that on the global level of the DHCP Networks database, the information columns would include     -    Network | Vlan | Address | City | Department | Network Type | Site ID | Comment                           (once you click on the desired subnet, you then can specify more information Tabs for IP addressing - such as)  IP Address | Type | Name | Fingerprint | Comment                              


My question is that can the IPAM Database, and the DHCP Database have two seperate reuiqrements for this information?  If not, can two seperate user member groupings ahve twop seperate requriements.  I ask this because, InfoBlox is currently run through the Core Network Operations group, and the informational columns for them are somewhat different, than the Server Team requirements, that will be recording within the IPAM database, for static IP addressing of the physical / virtual servers that exist within the Primary Data Center and the Back Up Data Center.


  I hope I have explained my situation adequately for the answer that I am looking for.


Thank You - Mark

Re: IPAM / DHCP Informational Tab requirements

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Hi Mark,


If I understand you correctly, the answer is no - you cannot create different requirements for entry of EAs. ie. If you set one as mandatory, then it is mandatory for all.


However, the column views are saved per user profile. So could you not create two user logins - one for networks and the other for server teams? Then you could set up the views however you like.


Would that work?

Re: IPAM / DHCP Informational Tab requirements

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  Yes - that would work, although at this time, there are already multiple login's, and the informational columns (tabs) are mandatory, via the DHCP side of the house....  If there were to be only one common login for the IPAM side of the database, could there then be different column requirements fot that common login ID for IPAM??


Thank You,



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