IPAM Discovery Option

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hi guys,


I am new to Infoblox and I am in charge of migrating a legacy IP addressing from an Excel Spreadsheet to infoblox... I am basically testing with a virtual appliance vNIOS (model IB-VM-820)  v8.0.3-348165


the point is that I am trying to run a Discovery on a subnet I just created (only with ICMP as is the only traffic that I have allowed - if I run the ping option it works and they respond) but it is not doing anything. Do I need a specific license for Discovery? in other forums I've seen something about that but I am quite confused at this point.


Is Network Insight needed to run this Discovery? once I get it working, can I register all the IPs that are responding as Fixed / Non DNS/DHCP? my setup is very basic and only focusing on IPAM (Not DNS/DHCP). 


thank you all!

Ramon M.

Re: IPAM Discovery Option

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Hi Ramon,


You don't need to have an additional license for the basic discovery feature.

Could you please share the syslog once you run the discovery?

You should be able to see some succussful messages from the syslog.

Once you have done, you will be able to register Fixed IP address by "convert" option.


Best regards,



Re: IPAM Discovery Option

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hi Bomi,


thanks for your quick response. I finally managed to discover a network, I see that with my current setup (No DNS/DHCP, only IPAM) it is marking them as unmanaged, which makes sense, the point is that I'd like to export them to manipulate the CSV entries and assign hostnames manually, then import them back, but it is not allowing me neither to do so nor converting them to fixed IPs or Hosts (it asks for discovered names, and that won't work on my case). 


Is it working as I am describing? thanks in advance!


Edit:  I am thinking of using an external Windows DNS Server finally. So I could improve this discovery and use the domain being used by the servers too.



Re: IPAM Discovery Option

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Hi Ramon,


I think you can export with "export" button in IPAM and then import using "CSV import" button.

Please see this KB article and let me know how you get on.



#3719: Importing Host records to IPAM using CSV import

Published 02/28/2015   |    Updated 07/28/2016 12:49 AM

Problem Summary

Customer wants to add host entries to IPAM that are not used in DNS or DHCP. Customer does not want to associate these entries to DNS or DHCP. They want to associate a name/extensible attribute to the IP address in IPAM.

Customer Environment

NIOS appliance or Grid operating with DNS and DHCP services.


NIOS 6.x and later versions


Adding information like extensible attributes/name to discovered data is currently not permitted in NIOS


Since adding or editing information for discovered data is not permitted, as a workaround, you can create a host record (not enabled in DNS or DHCP) that can be edited in IPAM view to add information to the IP address.

For bulk import of information into IPAM, use the following format to create the CSV file for importing host record:





See the CSV Import Reference Guide for more information on which fields can be added.

Re: IPAM Discovery Option

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Thanks Bomi Smiley Happy

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