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Hello All


When i perform a Discovery , from datamanagement,ipam, discovery, discover now) and select NetBios Mode i only get about 10% netbios names and mac-addresses in return from the same subnet.

When i try nbtstat -a <ip-address>  i see all information.

I´m new to infoblox and could most certainly be doing something wrong.

Is there a way to debug ? Some log files ?



Re: IPAM NetBios Discover

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Hello Patrik,

Are these Microsoft hots or non-Microsoft hosts running NeTBIOS services in which you are trying to perform discovery ? Please ensure that ports 137 (UDP/TCP) and 139 (UDP/TCP) between the Grid member performing the discovery and the target networks is  unfiltered. You may try something like this to narrow down the possibilities :


1) Go to Grid -> Members -> Select the Grid member/master which performs the discovery task -> Select ‘Traffic capture’ from the toolbar -> Select to capture all interfaces -> Start the capture.


2) From Data management, now perform a ‘Discover now’.


3) Once the discovery is successful, stop the capture/download & use the filter ‘(nbns.type == 33) && (nbns.flags.response == 1)’ to filter the packets just for NeTBIOS response packets. If you do not see a response from a node which you are expecting to appear in IPAM with NeTBIOS name, then that’ll define the problem. You need to investigate why exactly doesn’t that node respond to the NeTBIOS query from this member/master.


The expectation is to retrieve the following information :


  • IP address: The IP address of the host.
  • MAC address: Only if the discovered host is running Microsoft.
  • OS: This value is set to Microsoft for an active host that has a MAC address in the NetBIOS reply.
  • NetBIOS name: This value is set to the name returned in the NetBIOS reply.


I hope this would give you a kick-start to narrow down the source of the problem. Please let us know how it goes.


Best regards,

Mohammed Alman.

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