IPAM Network management

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Is there a good way to convert from a network container to a network?  From a previous reply I had to another user on these forums that isn't getting updated.  Wanted to follow up to see if anyone has input regarding these changes.  Thank you ---please read below:


We have multiple networks that probably should be containers that I have to work with, and being able to split networks is a great thing, or resize them.....  Not being able to transfer to a container and reorganize as a supernet network is a problem, as the only way you can visually see open subnets within a supernet, is if that supernet is a container (then view through IPAM and see possiblities of any given subnet within that supernet).  If you have that container instead, as a supernet network, good luck visually seeing that. Visually great if you have your containers managed.  Poor if you have networks supernetted/subnetted already and don't have a very specific layout for containers before you even implement infoblox.   Am I missing something on this, or is this a hole in the way infoblox handles IP management....?  Or do I just create one mass container for the /8 network and go from there?

Re: IPAM Network management

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I'm not entirely sure what you are asking here but if you already have a bunch of 10. networks defined you can put these into a container simply by creating a container "above" them. For instance, if you created a container it would move all the 10. networks inside it. You will then get a great view of the 10/8 network space by using the network map view. You can create further containers underneath if you wanted to create a structure to your space (e.g. /16's), Infoblox will automatically move the relevant networks inside the container.

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