IPAM Perms with or without MS management

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Do IPAM Perms matter whether the Network space is on a MS Server (being managed by a Grid member with MS MGMT) or wiithout it? 


I think it applies to both but wanted to check. 



Re: IPAM Perms with or without MS management

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Hello Hammer,


You are correct. Permissions apply to both of them.


Keep in mind that when configuring a MS Server in Microsoft Management, you can select the permission level defined on Grid for that Server (image attached). If you set a Microsoft Server in Read-Only mode, even if you have admin rights to edit IPAM (DNS and DHCP objects), you won't able to change a thing.


However, if you set up Microsoft Server in Read-Write mode and if you have proper DNS and DHCP permissions, changes in IPAM to MS Networks will apply accordingly.


Hope this helps!

Paulo Costa

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