IPAM clean-up

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Hi all,

I’ve brought this issue to support to no avail unfortunately so I thought I'd bring it to the user community hoping for better results. Ill start with what I am trying to accomplish in hopes others have a better way to accomplish this same task.

I am trying to create a process to cleanup my IPAM store (removing entries in IPAM for IP's that are no longer active, and adding entries for active IP's that are not registered). I want to start simple (doing it manually) and eventually create a more automated way to accomplish this. I had hoped to use the out of the box "Inactive IP addresses" report which utilizes discovery data from network insight, but the results were not accurate. I tested the inactive IP's in the report and a surprising amount were in fact still active. I brought this to support and they indicated that it is a bug in NIOS 6.12 (the version we are on) and is fixed in later versions. So at this point, I don’t have any way to accurately report on inactive/active IP's or perform IPAM cleanup as I would like to. Please keep in mind I am relatively new to DDI and obviously new to Infoblox. After attending Bloxfest, I know that there are many users out there accomplishing what I am trying so any advice would be much appreciated.

Re: IPAM clean-up

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Think the short answer is 'upgrade'.


The detailed anwer may not solve your problem since the question is kinda open ended "how do i clean up my ipam"


But, for the actual correction of the records I'd recomend CSV import/export. For identifying the active addresses, that's a lot of moving parts (hence the NI product feature). But under the hood, NI just uses things like nmap and ping, so you can easily run your own scans to get a good picture of the state.


Then you just have to manually reconcile that report to the csv export from NIOS, and push back a set of changes.



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