IPAM duplicating names but not addresses

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I'm looking to import a csv file from our old "excel" database (cringe.....)  into IPAM.  I can mark them either as a host entry and disable them in DNS, or as a reservation to mark the IP address as used.  I understand that much.  The problem is that when I go to import the records in, if I use them as host entries, it just adds the new name, AND keeps the old one that may/may not have already been populated.  If use Merge, if infoblox doesn't find the exact match, it drops it.  If i try wthis with reservations, it will add a reservation name into the host entry and as a result I will have two names.  How do I get around importing these addresses, not duplicating what we already have, and makign sure we don't override what we have already entered?


Most of our entries are entered as a host record, disabled in DNS. (we run microsft dns, so we read only from our MS servers) (i want them as host records in case we ever want to enable them, it's easy to enable).  Any insight into this is appreciated, as the add just adds the entry regardless of a microsoft record being there or not, so I end up with two names. 

Re: IPAM duplicating names but not addresses

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Looking at the scenarios that you described here, it is not entirely clear what may be occurring. If I run a CSV import to add a single reservation where a Host record with a matching name and IP address already exists, I see the reservation being created and the Host record is not touched. I also tried with the same IP and different names, and different IP's and the same name, all with the same results.


By design, only one Host record per name can exist so more information would be needed in order to help get a better idea on what may be occurring for you here. I would recommend consulting with Infoblox Support and your Infoblox account (Sales) representative for additional help with your import.

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