IPAM filters.

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Hello Team,


since we use IPAM GUI quite regularly, we miss quite badly filter option "contains".

We can use only predefined regex options like:



-does not equal

-begins with

-does not begins with


Please contact me with solution how to add:





Re: IPAM filters.

Community Manager
Community Manager
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Hi Rado,


There are certain screens where this is not available but is something that we have been working to update. What you are looking for may be planned for future versions of NIOS but if you open a case with Infoblox Support, they can help verify this for you and if this is not already planned, open a feature request on your behalf so that we can make sure that this gets the visibility that it deserves and that we can get this added in for you and everyone else in the future.


Thank you,

Tony Tiscareno


Re: IPAM filters.

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Looks like almost 4 years later this still isn't something that IPAM can do. Any word on this?  Its crazy that its not included in the GUI.

Re: IPAM filters.

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Wanted to import from IPPLAN into InfoBlox but this feels like a deal killer. Basic.

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