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IPAM for Microsoft

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Ok gang, looking to clear the mud on my understanding of Infloblox and their offerings.


Currently we are users of the Infoblox Grid solution. We leverage thsi product to manage our Infoblox DDI appliances across our organization.


In order to save some costs we have been looking at the IPAM for Microsoft solution which, if i understand correctly, will let us run DNS and DHCP on our Windows servers and we can leverage an Infoblox web based management console to manage all these Windows servers. Is that correct? Does our current Grid solution offer this same capability or would we need to migrate to IPAM for Microsoft?


Thank you all


Re: IPAM for Microsoft

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You can use IPAM for MSFT on Infoblox to manage MSFT DNS and DHCP servers. Sometimes you would use both but it would depend on the feature set you’re looking to leverage for each platform as there are differences in how they operate and what you can add on to them. I would suggest talking to your SE to see if you need any additional licenses or configuration changes to support what you are looking to do.

You could also check into subscription options if that meets your needs as well.
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