IPAM with Multiple Interfaces

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In our Grid Manager, under "Edit" > "Network" we have a IP and VIP configured under "Additional Ports and Addresses"  - This interface is patched into our out-of-band management network.  I cannot seem to get an IPAM discovery to work on this network.  Now, if I try and ping a host on that network using the interface of the IP, I get responses.  If I try and ping it from the VIP address - nothing.  


Pretty new to Infoblox and didn't have a hand in setting this up - any help would be appreciated.



Re: IPAM with Multiple Interfaces

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I apologize but your particular configuration is a little unclear and considering you were not involved in the setup, that is understandable. 


The "Additional Ports and Addresses" section is typically leveraged for creating a loopback address for additional service listening and is generally associated with running anycast. Discovery would not run from this IP/interface. The network would need to be reachable from the primary interface on the Infoblox member running discovery for their to be results. 


Are you able to provide a screen shot of the interface configuration? That may be helpful Smiley Happy


Also, are you running the standard NIOS discovery or enhanced discovery with the Network Insight appliance?



Steve S.

Re: IPAM with Multiple Interfaces

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hello anyone,


is there a way to ping multiple ips on the subnet and export the ping results in csv format in infoblox ?


eg: 10.x.x.x/24 i want to ping all the ip's in this netwrok and find out what are all the used IP's and unused IP's and export in csv format ?



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