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IPv4 Filters - housekeeping

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Hi all


I need to do some housekeeping on our IPv4 filters.

Can i somehow easily tell, wether a / where a particular filter is in use on all my scopes.

I have tried to export all in csv but i dont see filters listed anywhere.


Hoping for a suggestion


/Jan Vejling



Re: IPv4 Filters - housekeeping

TTiscareno Community Manager
Community Manager
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Depending on how your filters have been implemented and your version of NIOS, you may be able to review the DHCP configuration files from each of your DHCP servers to see the ones which are assigned to a range. In a simple test, I created a MAC filter with the name "macfilter1" and here is how this looks for a DHCP range that I assigned it to (this is with NIOS version 8.0 btw):


subnet netmask {
	ddns-domainname = config-option domain-name;
	ddns-hostname = pick ( option fqdn.hostname, option host-name );
	option host-name = config-option server.ddns-hostname;
	pool {
		# INFOBLOXMACFILTERDEBUGINFO: allow members of "macfilter1";

Re: IPv4 Filters - housekeeping

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Thank you TT for taking the time to answer.

I created a ticket by Infoblox, who told me exactly that.

Btw the Dhcp config is viewed in "Dhcp/Members/ (right bar).


Hope this will come in handy for future similar questions.



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