Import Bind data to Infoblox

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Hi All,

I am reaching my dead line to test a POC where we move zones(some with 40k records) from Bind 9.8 to Infoblox (NIOS 6.12.9). I am using this DIW tool so to also conduct intrgrity check before the import. However i am facing an issue as everytime I try to move to the page where we import it says "zone dataset not found"

I am able to import just the zone without records fine

I am able to rename the zone file to a TXT format and and read the data just fine.

Can someone please tell me what i could be doing wrong?


Based on your description, it

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Based on your description, it appears you may not be selecting how to import the zone data.  You should either copy the zone DB files to a directory and then tell DIW where they are (although the filenames must match what's indicated in the zone conf file) or you can attempt to do a zone transfer (but you'll have to make sure the BIND server allows transfers from the Infoblox appliance).

You can also reach out to your Infoblox SE for assistance.


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Hi Don, We recently purchased infoblox for our organisation and I need to migrate all the zone files off bind9, but I do not have the DIW utility. Where can I get one? The version we had was diw-7.0.0.jar.

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Re: Import Bind data to Infoblox

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