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Import IP csv

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Hi, I would like to import a csv with IP addresses for a subnet but I can't because of the lack of header, but when I export a csv of IP addresses, I don't have any headers, just the line and columns. How can I do please ?

Re: Import IP csv

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Hi martd,


To export the IP address data for the subnet in Infoblox CSV format, navigate to Data Management --> DHCP --> click on the concerned network. (or, open the network in IPAM and click on Go to DHCP View)


Once you are in, you will find the CSV export button on the top-right of the IP address table. Drop down the button and select the option : Export data in Infoblox CSV Import Format.


This will give you the data in CSV format along with the appropriate headers.


Hope this helps

Re: Import IP csv

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Thanks for your help nedward,


But I just want to edit some IP addresses for a better referencing, and when I'm in my subnet, I have my IP addresses untitled and uncommentedn and I would like to import a csv thaht I edited with cmments, title, etc, and when I do what you want me to do : go to DHCP view, I have nothing and whrn I want to export in Infoblox csv format, I got a message which says that there is nothing to export.


Hope we'll find a solution, thanks

Re: Import IP csv

TTiscareno Community Manager
Community Manager
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The syntax you need here will depend on the object types that you are looking to update. An easy way to 'cheat' with getting the syntax is to export the network data as was previously recommended.


To clarify the steps- you will want to run this from under the Data Management -> DHCP -> Networks tab. If you are under the IPAM tab, you are looking at an aggregate of DHCP and DNS data and the export does not give you the format that the CSV import feature requires. Once you open the network that you want to export, click on the small dropdown arrow for the export button and select "Export data in Infoblox CSV Import Format".


If you are not seeing these networks under the Data Management -> DHCP tab, it may be that you have discovered networks that are not being 'managed' by NIOS and thusly are considered IPAM only networks. You may need to convert these under the IPAM tab before you will be able to accomplish what you are looking to do here. Refer to the section titled "Converting Unmanaged Networks under IPAM to Managed Status" in the NIOS documentation for details on how to conver networks.


Once you see the network under the DHCP tab, the export and import functions should work for you. Here is a reference that may help you with setting up your CSV file:









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