Infoblox DHCP Best practices

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Hi all,


Everyone knows about the broadcasts issues on the network.
I know Infoblox can handle with huge network masks above /24, like /16 /17....and so on.

I tried to find some best practices guide to use for migration my old huge networks above /24 from Windows Server to Infoblox.

Is there some guide saying is good to use masks like /24 for better network performance due the broadcast into the network?

Re: Infoblox DHCP Best practices

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Hi rafafilho11,


I believe your question is more of a network architecture/design suited one.  When it comes to DHCP best practices, you'd want to focus more on High Availability pairings, DHCP Failover peers, making sure existing and/or any legacy DHCP Options will work in the newer environment, will the Infoblox device(s) you purchased or spec'ed for handle your overall LPS (leases per second), etc.

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