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Is there and example on adding host records in bulk?

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Is there a real world examle to why would you use a bulk additon of host records. 





Re: Is there and example on adding host records in bulk?

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Are you referring specifically to the Bulk Host object (i.e. from the Admin Guide "About Bulk Hosts")?


Or, are you asking a general question about adding a large number of hosts in a bulk fashion?


The former, Bulk Hosts, is used to auto create large numbers matching A & PTR RRs.  This feature is analogous to $GENERATE in BIND, but not a 100% match in functionality.  By auto generating these RRs you ensure that queries to certain parts of your domain name space always return an answer with host names in the specified format.  If you have a need to always provide these answers then you can consider this feature among your possbile solutions.


Re: Is there and example on adding host records in bulk?

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I do bulk changes, adds and deletes of host records regularly.  I find host records easier to manage for some internal zones that get a lot of change traffic.


Typically, bulk host adds in my environment are done when a new customer is transitioning from the phase where servers are built, to adding them to DNS for use by various tools.  It might also be done if a customer with existing servers is brought into the fold for us to manage.  Deletes typically happen when we do a tech refresh of an existing customer, or decom's.

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