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Re: Join us on January 10th for an IPv6 "Ask Me Anything" with a Panel of Experts!

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Regarding jc731f’s question about RDNSS/DNSSL versus DHCPv6:


As you are likely aware, most host operating systems support DHCPv6, but Android OS devices have not had support for DHCPv6 so they rely on RDNSS.  Here is a link with a comparison of IPv6 OSs.


The reasons for “Android's lack of DHCPv6 support” can be found in this link.


One thing to be aware of is how network configurations and hosts may behave differently.  This paper by ENRW is particularly good for comparing RDNSS and DHCPv6 for many popular OSs.


With that being said, most enterprises are considering using DHCPv6 for layer-3 end-user access network IPv6 address assignment.


Re: Join us on January 10th for an IPv6 "Ask Me Anything" with a Panel of Experts!

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Yes, that is what I'm trying to do. In this case does not previously exist.


If I use the "Add Hosts" link on the dashboard it fails if I include both the v4 and v6 addresses. If I create it there with one address (either 4 or 6) I can then go edit the host and add the other address.


It would be nice if there was a way to add both the v4 and v6 address for the host from the dashboard.

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