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LAN2 port

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Dear All,


I am a newbie to the Infoblox, I have a customer who wants to setup Infoblox DNSsec in HA. I see an option to connect the LAN2 port to enable port level redundancy. In the same tab, I can also see a checkbox  to enable " use LAN1 always when available". I don't indent to use separate IP address for LAN1 & LAN2. As per some Infoblox docs, I can see the LAN1 port is active as long as it is available 


  • What is the level port redundancy that can be achieved with LAN2. Does these ports always act as active/standby, where the standby is always down or is there any active/active scenario
  • Is it only port redundancy or is there any port bundling
  • What should be the configuration on the other side, ( docs say just enable only the VLAN & no other configuration required)
  • How much time does the LAN2 port wait to see if the LAN1 is down, to take over as the active port
  • If the LAN1 comes back up, does it automatically take over or is the check box required" use LAN1 always when available"

Thanks in advance


Re: LAN2 port

TTiscareno Community Manager
Community Manager
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Enabling the LAN2 interface can give you one of two capabilities:


- A second NIC with its own IP address and which would traditionally be placed on a separate subnet from LAN1. This gives you the ability to route connections to/from different subnets where a router may not be available.

- Port redundancy, where the LAN1 IP address is shared across both the LAN1 and LAN2 interfaces and if LAN1 fails, the LAN2 interface will serve the IP. The interfaces function in an active/passive role in this case, where LAN2 is only used if LAN1 stops responding.In this use case, both interfaces must be on the same VLAN.


While the LAN2 interface can provide you with a level of redundancy network connectivity wise, the use of the LAN2 interface is not really an HA solution. That would be provided by a second appliance which supports HA so that if one appliance fails, the other can take over services.


If you refer to the help regarding enabling port redundancy, you will find the following:


Enable Port Redundancy on LAN1/LAN2: Enable this to allow port failover between LAN1 and LAN2. Based on the port configuration, one port remains inactive during operation, available for failover operation should the primary port stop working.


Enabling the "Use LAN1 when available" will tell the system to 'prefer' to use the LAN1 interface and after switching to the LAN2 interface, switch back to the LAN1 interface once it becomes available again.




Re: LAN2 port

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Thank you Tony for the detailed reply, 


So in short, 

  1. There is only link level redundancy & no channel bundling
  2. I don't require any channel-group config on the switch side



Re: LAN2 port

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Any detailed steps in how to achieve port redundancy? or any documentation

Re: LAN2 port

Moderator bkoshy
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This is explained in the Administrator Guide sections "About Port Redundancy" and "Using the LAN2 Port".

Have you already gone through them and if you have please elaborate your question.

As a sidenote, we request you to open new discussions in a new thread.

Best Regards,
Bibin Thomas

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