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LDAP admin authentication

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Hi Team,


I'm stuck in LDAP services configuration for admin authentication. What value we have to put in place of 'User ID


User ID: Specify the LDAP user attribute (such as "uid" and "cn"). This is used to search for the admin users in the LDAP server.


Taking tcpdump is like irritating job in infoblox.





Re: LDAP admin authentication

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The answer depends on your LDAP schema.  If your db uses a DN format of, say, "uid=juser,ou=employee,o=infoblox,c=us", then the answer would be "uid", and I'd login with a username of "juser".  Basically, you need to put in the attribute that uniquely ID's the user, so that it can be matched with the login name the user supplies to match up with their LDAP entry.  If you don't know it, you will need to consult your LDAP administrators.

Re: LDAP admin authentication

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Thnaks Jsteele,


It Worked with me using CN Insead of uid, when is use uid there was no data retrieved from LDAP but with CN it use to give complete user details like memberOf etc.

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