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Hello all, I'm new-ish to Infoblox. I'm looking to solve an issue with DHCP with a specifc endpoint client set. Is there a way to have Infoblox register on behalf of the clients if they cannot register themselves? In short we have an issue with MACs that do not want to register themselves into DNS (not all seems to behave this way however). I would like to solve this problem with DHCP (IE: If you're a windows box, dont register to DNS, but if you're a mac then register on behalf of the client). Is there a way to do this via a filter of some type?


We use Infoblox for IPAM and DHCP, and Microsft for DNS.


Am I missing an option on the MAC's that will allow them to register themselves? I'm not a MAC guru but there has to be a way to solve.


Has anyone had to face this issue in a hybrid mac/windows environment?

Re: Mac Windows DNS registration

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Assuming that Infoblox is serving DHCP for these clients, you would:


  1. Under Data Management -> DHCP, click on Grid DHCP Properties (this can also be configured at the network or DHCP range levels).
  2. Switch to the IPv4 DDNS tab.
  3. Enable the check box for DDNS Updates.
  4. Click on Toggle Advanced Mode (if not already enabled).
  5. Switch to the Advanced tab.
  6. Enable the check box for Generate Hostname.
  7. Save & Close.
  8. Restart services.

That is pretty much all that's required to enable DDNS for DHCP clients. One important note would be regarding TXT (DHCID) Record Handling. The default setting limits DNS to one interface per client. Be sure to read up on this option so that you will understand how this works and how it might impact updates.




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