Max number of IPv4 filters on the box?

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I prefer mathing on a phones option 60 in an IPv4 filter, and a custom option 43 (in Hex) delivered to the phone in the following rule.  

The delivered option 43 will consist of Voice-server directory (9 diffferent), VoiceVlan (several different), and there will be 3 different types of phones and hence 3 different option 60 to match.


So it will be 3 (phone types) * 9 (telephone directories ) * 12 (12 diffent TeleVlan) == 324 different filters.


Are so many filters allowed on a 1420 Nios 8 ?

Is this a crazy way to handle this task  ?-


Once the filters have been made, it will be a piece of cake in the future, to just put the filter onto new scopes.


Thank you for any thought on this..


/Jan Vejling


Re: Max number of IPv4 filters on the box?

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There is no defined limit and it is an object count limit. You can look at the capacity report and it can tell you how much space you have left. 

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