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Messages and Infoblox.log

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I'm searching on Infoblox docs and try to compare the two kind of log files but I'm not able to understand the differences between them.

I understand messages are syslog downloaded, but someone could clarify me if infoblox.log is related only to appliance os?


Thank you

Re: Messages and Infoblox.log

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Hello Fabio,


The ‘infoblox.log’ contains messages from internal processes & its not specific to services. It is infoblox process specific logs added to some selected linux processes. So to address your question, yes it is logs specific to appliance OS. I hope you are clear with Syslogs.


Best regards,

Mohammed Alman.

Re: Messages and Infoblox.log

TTiscareno Community Manager
Community Manager
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To add to this- the 'infoblox.log' file contains log messages which can also be referred to as 'debug' log messages. These would generally be of more interest to Infoblox Support for troubleshooting purposes and not for monitoring day to day activities.




infoblox DHCP not Working

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Hi Team,


IB i was configuring in my demo environment then i saw that my end linux server not receiving DHCP Pool Address,then i tryed for fixed address by using MAC bindind then is work,i tryed to trouble shoot but i did't get any solution if you guyes face the same issue then comment below.



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