Microsoft AD DNS Migration to Infoblox

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Was wondering if there was any documentation on the process of migrating Active Directory intergraded DNS to Infoblox?



Re: Microsoft AD DNS Migration to Infoblox

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Yes definitely, this topic often comes up.


Please use the search tool for community posts for this or search in your administration guide there are quite a few use case covered.

Re: Microsoft AD DNS Migration to Infoblox

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can you post a link here.. when I search I am keep getting pointed to this post.. so, why not just answer it here rather directing people to search

Re: Microsoft AD DNS Migration to Infoblox

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Multiple methods for migrating DNS data (including Microsoft DNS) to Infoblox, are available. If you are migrating only a select number of zones, you can transfer the zone data by using the Import Zone option found in the Infoblox Grid Manager GUI under the Data Management -> DNS tab. Zone transfers must be allowed on the Microsoft DNS server to Infoblox for this to work.


When transferring a large number of zones, the Data Import Wizard (DIW) may be more ideal, though the CSV Import tool can also be used. The DIW can be found at and includes help information displayed inline in the main DIW as you are using it. With the DIW, you would first run a regedit command (information on this step is provided in the inline help) to export the DNS configuration to a file, which will be used to create the zones in NIOS. For the zone data, this can either be exported to files and then imported, or if zone transfers are allowed from your Microsoft DNS server to your Infoblox Grid Master, select the option to pull in the data via zone transfer.


The CSV Import feature is documented in the NIOS Adminstrators Guide, which can be downloaded through the Help panel in your Grid Manager GUI, or in the Tech Docs section on the Infoblox Support site (


Hope this helps get you pointed in the right direction.

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