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Microsoft Windows Fingerprints

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Hi everyone,


Wonder if anyone can help, I am trying to use a Fingerprint filter to block all Windows 7 machines from obtaining a DHCP lease. The windows 7 fingerprint preconfigured in Infoblox only seems to identify clients running IPv6.


Has anyone used this method to block Windows 7 clients? If so would it be possible to share the relevant fingerprints used?


I run a filter on my DHCP leases, I know there are some Windows 7 machines running yet there are none identified.


Also is this method recommend?




Re: Microsoft Windows Fingerprints

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Hi Paulo, 


You can find the DHCP Fingerprint for Windows 7 from Data Management - DHCP - Fingerpints - search 'Microsoft' (for IPv4 : Microsoft Windows 7 or Server 2008 R2 or Server SBS 2011 (Version 6.1) and IPv6: Microsoft Windows 7/Server 2008 ) . To create a filter with, Data Management - DHCP - IPv4 Filters - Add - IPv4 Figerprint Filter, choose the fingerprint desired. Once created, you can apply this to a range by going to, Data Management - DHCP - Networks - go inside the network in question, click on range - IPv4 filters - under Class Filter List - Add the Fingerprint filter you created for Windows 7 - Deny lease - save the settings - restart the services. 


For more information, you may please refer to the below documentations as well


Note: It is highly recommended to first implement the changes in a lab environment, test with both Windows 7 / non-windows 7 machines to reqeust for lease before making it in production in order to avoid any undesired impacts. 



Vineeth Krishnan

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