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I was just wondering if anyone has setup a multisite grid-master. I am looking to centrally manage dhcp/dns for 2 sites but if we lose one site I want to still be able to do updates through the api.  If this is possible how does Infoblox handle a site coming back online? Does it just merge everything? 


We haven't.  We just have a

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We haven't.  We just have a grid master at one site and a grid master candidate at the other.  It does require promoting the master candidate if you complete lose the first site, which maybe not be ideal in a true DR situation.  With this solution, since the two are talking all the time, when the first site comes back up the data is synced back.


hi, i'm sorry to post here

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hi, i'm sorry to post here but i can't post a message in any forum. Can an administrator contact me please?. Thank you

Re: Multi-site gridmaster

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If your gridmaster is a HA-pair then the likelihood for both to completely fail at the same is rather low. Also a gridmaster allows you to centrally manage the members and the services they provide. So you are good on that front. In the unlikely event that your gridmaster is completely down, you will need console or SSH access to the gridmaster candidate to make it the gridmaster. The promotion to gridmaster is a manual process.

SSH access is not enabled by default so ensure that you enable it on your gridmaster candidate if you want to use this access method to promote the candidate to master. Hope this helps.

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