NIOS Upgrade

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We have two TE-1420 Infoblox appliance one is Grid master and second is member. NIOS version is 7.1.0 on both appiances. We are using DHCP, NTP and sone DNS services from Grid master. After upgrade we are planning to configure DNS security.


Could you please guide me latest stabale NIOS version and upgrade path.


Thank You.



Re: NIOS Upgrade

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The upgrade process is fairly straightforward and you can find the upgrade binaries on the Infoblox Support portal (, under the Downloads -> NIOS -> General Maiintenance section. NIOS version 8.2.0 was just released so I would suggest comparing the release notes for versions 8.1.4 and 8.0.9 to determine which version you think would be best for you to use. There should be no issue with your upgrade path either way.




Re: NIOS Upgrade

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When you upgrade, you can always do an "upgrade test" to see if there are any database related issues which prevent the upgrade.

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