NetBotz Systems Name won't register in DNS

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Hello all,


I am working with Infoblox on a customer site and one of the staff members has NetBotz systems that he uses to monitor the data center. The range used is within a DHCP subnet. When creating DNS entries, we used reservations but the IP's would still change. Then, to prevent that from happening, I made a fixed address reservation in DHCP so it would be linked to the MAC Address so the IP would never change. However, now the names won't register in DNS. I can't do a nslookup on them or anything and he can't reach the systems by name, but can by IP.


Any and all help is apprecaited, Thanks!

Re: NetBotz Systems Name won't register in DNS

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There is a setting in Grid DHCP properties >> IPv4 DDNS >> Advanced to allow Fixed Address Updates.


Could you confirm if, the option is checked? Also in the options for  the fixed address, please make sure if the option domain name field is filled appropriately.




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