Never seen these type of logs before

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Hello All,


Today while randomly checking our busiest DNS server by using command show log /rpz/ i happen to see the following logs,


2016-07-27T15:22:45+00:00 daemon named[11698]: info rpz: CEF:0|Infoblox|NIOS|7.1.4-290316|RPZ-QNAME|Local-Data|7|app=DNS dst= src= spt=41428 view=72 qtype=A msg="rpz QNAME Local-Data rewrite [A] via"
/usr/bin/tail: `/var/log/messages' has become inaccessible: No such file or directory
/usr/bin/tail: `/var/log/messages' has become accessible
2016-07-27T15:23:00+00:00 daemon named[11698]: info rpz: CEF:0|Infoblox|NIOS|7.1.4-290316|RPZ-QNAME|NODATA|7|app=DNS dst= src= spt=53 view=72 qtype=AAAA msg="rpz QNAME NODATA rewrite [AAAA] via"


Are these any kindof trouble makers or is it showing signs of a mojor upcoming issue? Any idea?


Thank You


Re: Never seen these type of logs before

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It is highly probable this message is caused by the log file beeing rotated when you were looking at it.


I'd say it is not an issue as it but if it happens often it might indicates your are logging to much data, hence rotating often, which could have an impact on performances.

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