New AD SRV records not being added to DNS

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Although we already have a dozen of AD servers with SRV records in the AD zones of Infoblox it seems the records for a new AD server don't get added to the zones.


In the log we do see that the updates are allowed :

client updating zone adding an RR at SRV 0 100 389


Yet in the zone the SRV record is nowhere to be found. Same goes for the SRV records that should be in the other AD zones (,, ...)


The only record that has been added to the zone is a CNAME (that looks like some unique ID).


Don't know if it is a software problem on the Grid or a configuration issue.

The older AD servers have been in DNS for several years. Now we are running version 8.0.3.


Re: New AD SRV records not being added to DNS

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ran a search in global search--> advanced for '' this would give an idea if it is there in the DB. Also, comb the sys logs to find if it was deleted later.

Re: New AD SRV records not being added to DNS

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Can you show a screenshot of the supposed missing records? I find that the most typical mistake people make is to navigate into the subzone via the tab, but forget to change into the record view.

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