Newbie Question - Creating a DHCP range

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I am new to Infoblox and I am having issue creating a new DHCP range.


 Version 8.x


I just created a new network and based on the Admin guide I am trying to create a new DHCP range in that netowrk but there is not ADD DHCP Range inthe task menu like the guide states?  I must be missing something. 


My coworker is on Vaca and I am not calling him!  so was hoping for a little direction.


 ----- looking at the guide

DHCP Ranges 1. From the Data Management tab, select the DHCP tab -> Networks tab ->, and then click Add -> DHCP Range from the Toolbar. 2. In the Add Range wizard, complete the following: Start: ...


But when I go to the task there is no tab or sub tab that is DHCP RANGE?  I must me missing something?


Thanks in advance for any direct.

Re: Newbie Question - Creating a DHCP range

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Did you add the DHCP member to the subnet?

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