Option 81 with Linux Clients

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In our DHCP ranges, normal clients get the Domain Name

Clients in the Active Directory uses the DHCP Option 81 and get the Domain Name with DDNS.

With Windows Clients everything works fine. But one customer use Linux Clients.

With these clients DDNS freaking out and the clients become the Domain Name

Does anyone have a solution for this?

Re: Option 81 with Linux Clients

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Hello Patrick, 

we might need more details to help on this one


- with option 81 you have 2 possible setup on NIOS - I guess you are using this one : 

"DHCP Server Updates DNS If Requested by Client"


- do have the dhclient config file ? 

- would you have a traffic capture of the dhcp transactions with the linux client?


kind regards

Re: Option 81 with Linux Clients

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we use the Option " DHCP server always updates DNS", because we had problems with the other option.


Here is the config file:


send host-name "min-ifm-t25";  # temporary ifup addition


I don't have a traffic capture. Currently it works with the client. It seems to occur sporadically. I try to recreate.

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