Procedure and/or WAPI script to convert Aliases to CNAMES

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I'm in the process of doing some subzone cleanup and have encountered some problems related to aliases that have been created across several of our zones.


(I'm having trouble with CSV Import when the aliases in the import references a host in a different zone and that host already exists...I get no error back from the import and the alias is not created)


Given that I have several groups doing DNS managment, and only one of them had created these aliases in the past, it's caused us some confusion.   My preference is to convert these aliases to CNAMES so that everything is consistent from a support perspective on my end.


I'm very new to using the REST API, and also want to do this with minimal disruption (ie, as short a time as possible from when the alias is deleted and the cname is created--ruling out manual effort in many cases!)


Has anyone written a script that does this already?


or is there a manual procedure that can do this without disturbing the DNS server responses for the name in question?



Re: Procedure and/or WAPI script to convert Aliases to CNAMES

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A script of such nature would involve pulling a list of all aliases, deleting the existing entries and then using that list to create new CNAME records with the same data. I am not aware of any such script but if this is something that you require, you may be able to work with your Infoblox Sales representative and they can help coordinate with the Professional Services team to see about getting this done.






Re: Procedure and/or WAPI script to convert Aliases to CNAMES

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you could also do 2 CSV import passes.

- one to delete the aliases

- one to add the cnames

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