Python or WAPI script to disable a Network

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I'm looking for a automated way to disable a large number of networks that will eventually be permanently retired and ensure DHCP is no longer in use prior to deletion.


I have the curl commands to accomplish this, but I'm new to Python or the REST API in general and am trying to determine a script to automate this process for a given network address and mask (CIDR notation).


curl -k -u user:pass -X GET https://gm_ip/wapi/v1.2/record:network?network=
curl -k -u user:pass -X PUT https://gm_ip/wapi/v1.0/network/_ref: -d disable='TRUE'



Re: Python or WAPI script to disable a Network

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You can find sample scripts at You may be able to take the examples provided there to accomplish what you are looking for here.




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