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Query Refused

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I am getting a message of Query Refused when i nslookup a domain towards my Infoblox DNS Server. 


Domain is not blocked, why i am getting the message of Query Refused. 


Wherease i can resolve it from Google Server. 

Re: Query Refused

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Moderator bkoshy
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1. Based on match-clients list, your client IP falls in the wrong DNS View, where recursion is disabled.
2. You are in the right DNS View but recursion is disabled.
3. You IP is denied by an ACL.

Best Regards,

Bibin Thomas

Re: Query Refused

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I have the same problem.

Recusion is not disabled and my IP is not denied by an ACL.


I have a standalone Infoblox in our test-environment which is configured to forward the queries to production Infoblox. The queries to internet-names get refused by the test-Infoblox, don't get forwarded. What is wrong?

Re: Query Refused

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OMG, are you kidding me? We did a lab cleanout at work and I brought home an old grid box we were trashing so I could use it track and do dns for my virtual labs. Anyway, no matter what I did, all queries were denied. I tried named ACLs and a set of manually defined ACE's, no change...everything was denied. I was reading online docs and I kept seeing by default queries were allowed. For kicks I decided to set "allow queries from..." "none" and everything started working. Could they have possibly done anything more counter-intuitive than this? How about "All" or "No ACL" or "Unrestricted"?? "Allow queries from..." and then clicking a radio button labled "None" sure seems like it means allow from none.

I can't believe this hasn't generated a zillion support tickets. Who does this?

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