Query on Global forwarders

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Hi All,


Please could someone help me undertand how global forwarders work, I use NIOS7.1.4.

My question is, suppose I have 3 global forwarders. when the bind start

1. will it send the first query to the first forwarder or all 3 at the same time? if it one after the other with a wait time, what is that wait time and is it a set value?

2. will the Srtt and RTT value apply here in case of global forwrders or is it just when a resolver tries to query NS of a domain it check these values to choose the best NS present?


Any thoughts or related documents wouldbe very helpful.




Re: Query on Global forwarders

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The global forwarders use the SRTT algorithm


       The rtt estimates for all nameservers for
	a zone are updated as the result of performing a lookup on
	the zone.  The server that responed is updated using the
	rtt for the query as a component of its new rtt estimate.
	Servers that were queried but failed to answer are penalised.
	Servers which were not queried have their rtt estimated

If you're ever really curious, just do a packet capture.



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