Question on AD underscore zones

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We have a zone that contains two subzones

If we tick the option "Automatically create underscore zones" on the parent zone, new undescore zones will appear:








Then if the option "Automatically create underscore zones" is unchecked, a warning appears saying that all underscore zone will be deleted with its content.


What will happen if one of the subzones (ex. _sites) was created manually before enabling underscore zones?

Will it be also deleted as its name matches one of standard undescore zones or it will be preserved as it was created manually?


Re: Question on AD underscore zones

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Alle zones will be deleted and newly created incl _sites. normally with MS there is a parent zone and a _msdcs zone. What I always do is put the content of _msdcs into the parent zone (watch the NS record(s)), import the parent zone only and then autocreate the underscore zones. This wil fill all sub-zones automatically with the right data.


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